Start by Today

29 Jun

If you really want to live a good, prosperous and peaceful life; take the action today. Don’t wait for another day. Make a list what you can start today or immediately. The list may be like this.

1. Start daily exercise
2. Quite smoking
3. Quite impulse spending
4. Start saving
5. Start to working for extra income
6. Reduce the time for watching TV
7. Start reading some good books
8. Sorted out the unwanted things at home and sold them out
9. Make a list of all pending works and start working on them

The list can be long depends on your priority. If possible start to working on three four issues. But start atleast one thing today and keep doing it everyday. And after few days you will wonder after seeing a better yourself. It is my promise.

Welcome to A Better Myself

28 Jun

I had started a new new journey; for what I had waited my whole life. At last I got the path and I had started to walk the new path. There is no goals and there is no end. Journey itself a reward for me. I am enjoying the path, the walk, the company and the experience.

Hope I will get you and your warm company in this new journey.


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